PRIVATE COACHING (1-on-1 with Randy Becker)
CRAFT YOUR ACTION PLAN - One-on-one coaching to turn your goals into a clear and specific ACTION PLAN, including WHO to build relationships with, WHAT to bring to the marketplace and HOW to define success over the course of our time together.

We look for the intersection of your ‘genius’, your goals and the specific demands of the marketplace you plan to penetrate. We agree on what “success” means, both in the short term and long term, then clarify the overall plan that will get you there.
SCRIPT & PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - This is an in-depth development session; private coaching where we get specific about what works and what is challenging about the project you will be working on.  

Randy Becker will do the analysis himself, using his years of experience as an award-winning artist, a professional writers coach, a rep for writers & filmmakers and as a producer where his primary function was to get material in shape to present to the marketplace. Randy has helped develop and/or set up projects at Paramount, Fox Searchlight, Brad Pitt’s Plan B, FX, HBO, Showtime, CBS, Lifetime and more. He has helped raise independent capital for films ranging from micro-budgets to $15million and even helped develop and
sell novels to elite publishers like Harper-Collins.  He recently helped finance and produce a TV series using corporate sponsors as the sole funding source.  
Most importantly, Randy is actively in the marketplace, giving him hands-on knowledge of what works, what doesn't and for which players in the industry this may or may not apply.
BUILD YOUR NETWORK  – You will use our system for building THE RIGHT industry relationships, effectively transforming you from an artist with hat-in-hand ("please give me a job") to a colleague with something of great value to share. We will provide specific guidance, you will have to dive into the industry with bravery and passion.
FIND YOUR FUNDING - Craft your tailor-made plan for finding the money, speaking effectively to the money, spending the money and providing a RETURN worth paying for. 
ADDITIONAL PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS  – One-on-one sessions that focus on both the creative AND the business side of your equation.  Get your work ‘market-ready’ and clarify the path for getting it to the people who matter most.

Whether you are focusing on getting your material in shape, building relevant industry relationships, raising funding for your film or implementing a system that helps you organize your time efficiently, these private sessions are tailored specifically to your needs at each stage of development.
'TAKE STOCK & TAKE ACTION' CAREER ASSESSMENT - It all begins with an in-depth 19-page workbook (then a workshop) to take stock of your successes, identify the challenges and align your true goals with a career worth fighting for.
Q&A CALLS Get tactical help when you need it most…and listen in as your peers do the same.
Stay accountable to your goals, network with a group of like-minded artists, leverage the training and information gathered by others for your own career success.

GROUP TRAINING CALLS – Power-packed knowledge calls to help you understand and win in the industry, including:  MECHANICS OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY (How does it all work…studios, networks, international sales…and why is that relevant to you), FILM/TV FINANCE, CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP and more. 
VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS – Structured peer and coach feedback.
Whether you want additional creative support for your script, need to practice a pitch or simply want the group to know what you are working on, this is a structured opportunity to give and get feedback.

INDUSTRY OUTREACH’ MARKETING WORKSHOPS – Listen in as Randy Becker makes calls to executives, producers and agents around town.   
Demystify the process of getting your material out, find your own voice as a business person, clarify the system for building key industry hearing how others do it in real time.

Q&A with INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS – Gather essential tools and information from high-level industry insiders in the heart of the entertainment marketplace. 
Interact with top decision-makers, ranging from TV execs, top Agents, Presidents of Production companies, Casting Directors, accomplished Writer/Directors and more.


RANDY BECKER (CEO of NexTV Entertainment)
"My name is Randy Becker. I founded NexTV Entertainment to give artists a REAL chance to get their voices heard in the entertainment industry and the world. Creating great material is essential...but not enough. Understanding and embracing the BUSINESS is vital, as well.  But to succeed, you must find the intersection of your goals, your unique genius, and what your 'target' needs.  We help talented screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, authors, entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals break through...on their own terms." 
I have succeeded on both sides of the camera; both sides of the paycheck. I built a career as an actor, starring on Broadway, TV and Film, THEN became a Producer, Literary Rep and successful Business Owner in the entertainment industry.
I’ve shared clients with top agencies (CAA, ICM, Gersh), I’ve set up TV, Film and Web Content all around town and I’ve helped artists and entertainment professionals get work at the studios, networks, publishing companies, and the indie world.
But it wasn't always easy. I started with no connections and no clue how to get my career on track. I waited on tables, borrowed money from family members, put in countless hours of work only to see others get the credit.
That's when I woke up and completely changed my approach.  
I am excited to share with you the key elements that have allowed me to support my family, produce work I am truly proud of and build a life in this great industry."