Meet your host

RANDY BECKER, CEO of NexTV Entertainment
A graduate of Brown University, Becker started his career as an award-winning actor starring on Broadway (Tony Award-winning play), film & TV.
In 2000, he began producing film and theater in NYC, and eventually began REPPING WRITERS & FILMMAKERS in Los Angeles, partnering to form a Lit Management & Production Company. By selling material to the studios and networks, on the one hand, and raising indie capital to produce select client-originated material, on the other, Becker helped give his literary clients a chance to direct their own films, often marking their directorial debut.  He shared clients with the best agencies in town (from ICM to CAA, Paradigm, Gersh, Larchmont Lit and more...).
The last production before Randy left the partnership was THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD written and directed by AE client, Sean McGinly, and starring John Malkovich, Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks.
Becker regularly works with the industry’s top producers and execs, has raised indie and corporate financing for film, TV and web content and has helped to develop and sell novels to publishers like Harper Collins.
“NexTV gives talented artists a ^ chance to fulfill their potential, by educating, connecting and advocating for those who might otherwise go unnoticed.  We provide a bridge to connect Artists w/ Industry Decision-makers. 
In my years as an artist, then while representing writers and filmmakers, I saw that too many talented writers knew very little about the mechanics of the industry, to the detriment of their careers. Today our innovative coaching programs and live events bring powerful opportunities to artists. I've enjoyed seeing the industry discover and embrace so many in the NexTV community." - Randy Becker